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Post  Baskerville on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:09 pm

Name: Zane (Baskerville) Alfons


Gender: male


Weight:180 lbs

Hair Color:gray

Eye Color:gray

Nationality/Ethnicity:American of German ancestry

Allegiance: (UNEF or HRA) HRA

Rank: (Ensign and below only at this time. Admins can play higher-ranking characters.) Ensign

Personality and Background: Zane Was an ordinary patriotic American He believed in the system and that's why when he woke up one day with the Alteison kneeling in his yard awaiting its master and him having the knowledge to use it he knew he would be using it to protect his country. But at first unsure of how to protect the country with one suit he simply threw a tarp over it and went back to his normal life as he tried to figure out what the best use of his suit would be. (This was made easy by the fact that he had inherited a large piece of property from his parents and lived alone there.)

His answer came in the form of a group of suits attempting to rob a nearby bank. Rushing outside he fired up the Alteison's engines and made his way to the bank. There he fought the three suits to a stand still until the local armed forces arrived and the other units fled. Zane expecting to be heralded as a hero was surprised when the military fired on him as well. Unwilling to fight the military Zane fled to another town only to get a similar response from the military. No matter where he went the military hunted him. The actions of his government and he world leaders in general left Zane distraught it was then he first heard Zhu Xiaoping calling for change. Agreeing whole Heartedly Zane left the country in search of Zhu Xiaoping leaving behind everything he owned including his own name taking only the Alteison. Thus the man now known as Baskerville went searching for the future.

Personality wise Baskerville is laid back and easy going but if anything or anyone he holds dear are threatened he will destroy his enemy with no mercy. After the way the military treated him when he tried to help. And the various ways that some military units (Not the military in general just a few units that took the initial chaos and tried to create there own kingdom) took advantage of the situation and the people has left Baskerville with a bad taste in his mouth for the military. Thus instead of a uniform he wears a leather coat. He will wear any emblem he feels he earned but refuses the pompous ceremonies involved. He also does not blindly follow orders, if he ever feels that what the HRA is doing is counter productive to humanity he will stand against his former friends.

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Post  RX-178 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:47 pm


Welcome to the HRA.

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