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Matt "Red Eyed" Asteral  Empty Matt "Red Eyed" Asteral

Post  Azure3 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:58 pm

Name: Matt "Red Eyed" Asteral





Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Left eye=Red Right eye= Hazel Blue


Allegiance: UNEF

Rank: Ensign

Personality and Background: Matt Asteral was relatively a normal person who lived in the United States. With the exception of a birth defect that made him have 2 different eye color. One eye was Hazel blue and the other was Red. His past however was not a pleasant one. Always made fun of when he was young child for his weird Red eye and due to work his parents were rarely around. He bought an eye patch to cover his Red eye when he was still young.

At 28years old, Matt lives in a small town in Virginia. As usual, Matt takes a walk in a near by hiking trail around the dense forest and streams. As a regular routine for him, it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary will happen. All the sudden he felt ill and grew weak then collapsed next to a tree. Through a dream of some sort, Matt found himself in a unfamiliar subconscious environment. Soon, a figure appeared to him not showing his face and carrying a pilots helmet of an similar design Matt saw on an old robot show long ago. Before he could say anything, Matt found himself inside the cockpit of an unknown machine and dumbfounded on what to do. Confused like never before, the mysterious pilot flew in front of him and instructed him on the basic flight controls and maneuvers. After a series of flight patterns and maneuvers, thinking that it was over and hoping he would wake up soon, the mysterious pilot shot a beam past him and ordered Matt to engage him. Struggling on how to bring up weapons, he pushed a switch and his machine brought up its weapon. Now ready to fight, Matt remembered all his flight training and implemented them into fighting. Finally after a series of firing exchanges, Matt got a hit on the unknown pilot's machine and destroyed it. Before he could relax, a bright flash appeared and everything he saw was white. The unknown pilot said to him, "An exceptional pilot you are, the "Exbein" now finds you worth to be its owner and pilot, everything I taught you will remain with you and will be second nature when you awaken, My time done, Fight for your own beliefs and protect those who are dear to you. The "Exbein" is waiting". The pilot disappears and Matt begins to wake up.

While collapsed next to a tree, Matt starts to regain consciousness and pulls himself together. Still confused about what took place, Matt starts to move his arms around as if he was in the cockpit again. He was now convinced that what that pilot told him was true, it was second nature to him. Suddenly, Matt heard a sound coming from the sky and quickly saw a large capsule fall down and crashed into the lack nearby. Running to see it at the lake, the capsule opened up a walk way towards the the shoreline. Hesitant at first, Matt ran across the runway to the capsule itself and opened up the hatch as if he already knew the password. The hatch opens but the entire thing opened up like a flower and what was inside astonished Matt. He looked upon a large robot machine that looked similar to the machine the pilot flew during Matt's dream training. Finding a ramp to get onto and lifted Matt to the cockpit, he was amazed at how this was the very same cockpit that he sat during his training. While he was still confused and yet excited, he realized that keeping this thing here will pose a problem. Quickly searching for a console he finds one and inputs the command to camouflage its self until ordered to reveal. Again something he somehow already knew about without knowing it. A arm band appears that can issue commands from Matt to the capsule in long distance. He soon closed the capsule and it hid itself by vanishing.

A couple of months later, while at home watching T.V, a urgent news report aired an urgent broadcast. As he watched, he saw the flag for the just newly formed U.N.E.F and they were broadcasting the call to arms to those who "obtained" mobile weapons and to join the new organization in the fight against the enemy HRA. Matt turned off the T.V and sat still for a moment and wondered if he should join or not. After a moment of reflecting, he decided to join the U.N.E.F to protect everything he holds dear to him and to fight to help restore balance to the world. Quickly learning of a recruiting post in town, Matt ran towards it and sign up. Once he got there, he told them that he would like to join and that he has his own machine. They were astonished to find an individual who has their own machine already, so they gave Matt the rank of Ensign and a I.D card so that when he flies to HQ he wont be attacked by the military. Matt saluted, got his uniform and ran towards outside of town and used his gauntlet to tell the capsule to send the machine to him at his location. Soon Matt sees the machine and it landed near, so matt grabbed the cable and was lifted to the cockpit where he opened it up, sat down and brought the machine to life. Matt heard a faint voice saying, "Exbein, is ready for you". Remembering about the machine Exbein, he realized that THIS was the Exbein and he was chosen to be its pilot. Flipping switches and grabbing the controls and putting in the I.D card, he was ready to go. He thought to himself saying that the unknown pilot spoke true, and that it felt like he flew the Exbein for years. After doing a final check, he geared himself ready and launched the Exbein, destination, U.N.E.F HQ.

Matt's personality is a relaxed one. Becoming a friend to him will be a task but He is willing to open up to those he trusts. He has a strong will and determination to get a job done and will make sure no matter what that everyone returns to base even at the cost of his own life. Also, he will sharply refuse to talk about how he got that eye patch even if its an order. Matt enjoys to read, listen to music, build robot models, watch movies and drinking to celebrate.

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Matt "Red Eyed" Asteral  Empty Re: Matt "Red Eyed" Asteral

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Welcome to the UNEF, soldier.

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