Lucky 'King' Wilkins III

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Lucky 'King' Wilkins III Empty Lucky 'King' Wilkins III

Post  Mister Vile on Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:03 am

Name: Lucky 'King' Wilkins III

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'10

Weight: 215 lbs

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Silver

Nationality/Ethnicity: American

Allegiance: HRA

Rank: Ensign

Personality and Background:
Lucky sat down, feet kicked up on his 'dash'. He knew that his time was limited, eyes were everywhere and no matter how hidden he had made himself out to be in this junkyard he now occupied, the millitary had designs on his new activated ride. He chuckled to himself, he had seen the news and heard the reports of people getting in touch with machines that somehow had formed a bond to them, and looking to the console all the controls the view screen the weaponry - he knew it to be too true as its control was etched into his mind so completely it had seemed he had never left the tank in his life. He assumed it was some kind of tank anyway, he'd never heard of one that looked like this but he knew simply from the weaponry that he knew how to use that this monster was truly a creation deserving it's name.
The viewscreen blinked and enhanced showing a helicopters spotlight in the distance. He weighed his options, he had heard of widespread chaos being unleashed worldwide, that an organization was attacking from within every government, every nation, and it called for the world to change. He knew that these criminals were of his kind and if they had anywhere near the armament he carried the world would be devastated. He also knew that the government had initiated a recruiting program to those that would help fight in the name of justice. He knew he had a duty to his home to do what he could to those that wanted to bring down the system he had just been a part until just a few hours before. Thinking of the future he could have with the anarchists, he figured whoever brought the biggest gun to the table would get the most power and Rexx was power. Then he thought of how his government would take the recruitment. Honors would be awarded surely... Fame, fortune... Everything they could possibly bribe him with he'd assume... His name would be carved in the history as a hero! The government would owe HIM! His smile was shortlived when he thought about about the government. The "Normal People" government, that was charged with the safety of "Normal People". What would the government do after their victory over this group called HRA... People wouldn't need him anymore, and those same honors might be his in exchange for exclusion from the rest of the world, never to be a possible threat to the "Normies". He would live alone and do work no doubt in exchange for owning Rexx because even now Lucky had no thoughts of ever parting with it. Meanwhile the HRA would be comprised of people like him, and he already figured he'd get a position of power... And there it was, the decision made. Knowing he would be shunned by the people and justice he used to serve and be a part of Lucky chose HRA to lend his power to. And since he had to have a spiffy name, King served his purposes nicely, but now only one real question remained.
"Fuck...How the hell am I supposed to get to the moon?!"
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Lucky 'King' Wilkins III Empty Re: Lucky 'King' Wilkins III

Post  RX-178 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:25 pm


Welcome to the HRA.

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