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Post  lan4 on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:12 pm

Name: Theodore "Pheo" Kurita

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: 124

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: dark brown

Nationality/Ethnicity: Australian of Japanese and Mexican descent

Allegiance: HRA

Rank: Civilian

Personality and Background: The daughter of a Australian diplomat, Pheo was born into the harrowing world of INTERNATIONAL POLITIKS. Growing up Theo was betrayed by her father,who had always wanted as on and had no use for a daughter, at an early age and left to fend for herself into wild outback. Fortunately, a family of dingos took pity on the wee babe and adopted her into the pack. As a child she learned the proud and noble ways of the dingos instilling within her a sense of honor and justice that she exhibits and holds true to this very day. At the age of five the feral little girl, along with her pack, managed to fight her way through an army of mercenaries hired by her father to finish the job he had started years ago. After months of fighting she was finally at the doorstep of her father's mansion. Her father perhaps fearing the political backlash that would occur if knowledge of his actions became public, re-acknowledged her as his daughter on the condition that she never speak of what had happened to anyone, ever. The rest of her childhood was spent either with her pack, or with her father (or rather in the various private schools he shuttled her off to).

Originally a cheerful and outgoing girl her experiences growing up have tempered the wild exuberance of her younger days into cautious optimism. She has learned the hard way that hard work, perseverance , and grit are worthless if you don't have the spirit, the heart, the sheer chutzpah! to give enough of a shit to try in the first place. Yeah those eternal b!tches of the universe: Fate and Luck, can and will give you a real crap hand to deal with, and sometimes the despite your best effort all you can do is just grit your teeth and bear it while your getting screwed every which way. But you know what Theo's gonna do? She's gonna pick herself up, bandage up her wounds, and keep moving right the f:)ck on forward.

This optimism though has led to her developing a overblown amount of self-confidence and a very cavalier attitude towards danger. So while she sometimes might be smart enough to figure out if someone's trying to trap her, she might go ahead and leap into that trap anyways for shits and giggles, ya know?. Naturally, this habit has led to her family moving her around the various private academies of Australia out of fear for her life. So she isn't terribly experienced at making friends and can be somewhat lacking in social skills (read: insensitive asshole), though she always tries to do the good thing when push comes to shove. Coincidentally, during one of these impromptu transfers she found the a small pear sized bronze bell, and with it acquired the ability to turn into a ass-kicking cyborg among other things......

Theo hates the present conflict, and will only use her new found powers to protect those close to her, or to aid those who fight to restore peace to the world. She is aligned with the HRA only as a citizen of one of the countries under their control, and would think nothing of using her powers against the HRA if they do anything to threaten her or her loved ones, the same of course course for the UNEF as well. Currently Theo is attending college on Papa New Guinea, and works part-time as a waitress at a bar to make ends meet. As for hobbies Theo is a unabashed fan of Mixed Martial Arts, and has even began to become a regular member of a local MMA training gym as of now she's about as skilled as any other physically fit ring worthy amateur.

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Welcome to the HRA.

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