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Luciano Sterling Wa4-arnaudr

Name: Luciano “Luke” Aaron Sterling
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality/Ethnicity: British-American

Height: 5'11”
Weight: 159lbs
Hair Color: Brown with Gold Bits
Eye Color: Blue

Allegiance: U.N.E.F.
Rank: Warrant Officer


Being born into the highest class of society means that Luciano sometimes does not fully and truly understand how the 'real world' nor the trials that ordinary men and women must go through. However, he remains indifferent to people regardless of what class or path of life they come from which enabled him to easily make friends. Though on the other hand as he has money he can be disliked immediately by some people, especially those from real poor backgrounds. Whilst from the same background as most 'rich snobs' Luciano is appalled by the attitude of such people and more often than not comes to the defense of the 'little guy' as it were. In a combat situation he will keep from causing more damage than need be and ensuring that civilians and innocents are protected above all else. He also follows an honor code-like system that means he will not attack a defenseless and unarmed opponent, which cause cause him to come into conflict with allies.


Born into the wealthy and prestigious Sterling family meant that Luciano always had want he wanted and was never left alone or without attention from someone. Whilst the Sterling Family aren't famous in the modern sense of the world, in fact being very private about their personal lives, they are a powerful family with a very successful international 'SAI Corporation', or the Sterling Analysis and Innovation Corporation, that deals with the development of all sorts of new technologies and systems. Originally the company mainly dealt and worked according to military- and government-contracts but more recently moved into the civilian market due to the coming of the 'Digital Age' developing civilian-use mainframes, computers ect as well as similar systems and products for civilian organizations like the police, hospitals and fire fighting services.

Luciano's mother, Elena, came from a family that wasn't as powerful as the Sterlings but who his father, Alexander, had fallen deeply in love with. Elena was an employee of the company who eventually rose to the Head of Human Resources and as such worked alongside Luciano's father. Due to this his mother always tried to instill into Luciano the importance of understanding other people especially those who came from backgrounds far, far worse of than this other. She was only partially successful as whilst he does attempt to understand all people he still has little understanding of the real world. This was because his grandfather, much to his father's annoyance, began to gloom him to take over the company from his father, who at the moment was not looking forward to taking over from his own father.

As a result Luciano was made to attended many fabulous, wondrous and prestigious events but he always found himself bored at such events due to the fact that no one was very exciting and always seemed to talk about how much money. He was also made to attend private eduction regardless of what he or his mother wanted. He found his life being very boring under December 22nd, 2012 the day that would later be known by several names including the “Turn of the New World”. On that day Luciano found himself filled with the knowledge on the specifications, abilities and how to pilot one of his more favorite mecha designs: the powerful Z-01 Lancelot Albion. With a strange feeling swelling inside of him that felt like a calling he came across said-mecha on the ground of his family's current home in the British countryside.

Fully armed and ready and shining with the same elegance it had on the show the Knightmare Frame offered it's hand to the young Sterling. Once inside Luciano instantly knew what to do and activated the KMF and it's advanced Energy Wing System. Unlike many he didn't take part in criminal activities or the battles against the regular military forces, quite the opposite in fact. Like Suzaku Kururgi he became a 'White Knight' battling those mecha pilots who used their new-found power to cause chaos and destruction. He became a protector of the people in and around his family's home and later was put into work by his own family to protect any of their facilities or installations that were attacked. When the United Nations Emergency Force came into being and started to look for pilots Luciano had already earned a bit of experienced and reputation.

Looking to continue his actions in a legal method he joined the fledgling U.N.E.F. forces against the wishes of his grandfather who was looking to have his grandson work for him as a pilot-for-hire. His grandfather tried to disown him and cut him off from the family's vast riches but he was overruled by his son, Elena and the majority of the rest of the father. His grandfather lost his position as CEO of SAI as a result. However, the military was initially fearful of the pilot thinking that whilst he had worked for the 'good side' as it were that he could also be a HRA agent in disguise. His parents ensured he was not considered a threat by speaking directly to military officials that the SAI Corporation had worked with and for in the past. This allowed for their son to became a welcomed addition to the U.N.E.F. Taskforce and another pilot to hold the line against the HRA.

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Welcome to the UNEF, soldier.

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