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Post  Astray_Master_Edgar on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:16 am

Mecha name: XRAM-006VC Seigerlion
Originating series: Super Robot Wars
Custom colors: none
XRAM-006VC Seigerlion 43
Background: http://superrobotwars.wikia.com/wiki/Guarlion#Siegerlion_Specifications
The XRAM-006VC Siegerlion is the result of Leona Garstein's Guarlion Custom unit after an extensive remodeling of the machine. Designed by Leona's boyfriend, Tasuku Shinguji, and overseen by Dr. Marion Radom, the Siegerlion incorporates the latest Personal Trooper data during its development and features additional Tesla Drives for greater mobility and maneuvering and the T-Link System, which only Real Troopers were equipped with. The T-Link System on the Siegerlion, however, is only used for the Sonic Acceleration attack, giving it increased firepower (Dr. Radom believed that someone of Leona's skill would not need a defensive barrier, thus the Siegerlion does not produce a Nendō Field). A new set of weapons was also added, and its capabilities far exceed that of the original Guarlion.


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XRAM-006VC Seigerlion Empty Re: XRAM-006VC Seigerlion

Post  RX-178 on Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:56 pm


Mecha Name: XRAM-006VC Siegerlion
Originating Series: SRW Original Generations

HP: 11700
EN: 180
Agi: 110
Move: 6

Damage: 800
Ammo: 10
Range: 1-2
Type: Projectile 1

Assault Blade:
Damage: 1400
EN: 10
Range: 1
Type: Melee

Blade Railgun:
Damage: 700 (V – 4)
Ammo: 24
Range: 1-3
Type: Projectile 2

Sonic Acceleration:
Damage: 3600
EN: 30
Range: 1-3
Type: Special Melee

Inherent Abilities:
1) Type: Armored Module
2) Countercut: Assault Blade
3) Countershoot: Autocannon

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