PTX-007-03C Weissritter (Gespenst Mark II Custom)

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PTX-007-03C Weissritter (Gespenst Mark II Custom)

Post  dovenwolf on Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:42 pm

Mecha Name: PTX-007-03C Weissritter (Gespenst Mark II Custom)
Originating Series: Super Robot Wars OG
Custom Colors: It is standard Weissritter, but with a color scheme more like Abend's

Background: Weissritter was the personal suit used by Excellen in SRW: OG and the partner suit to Alteisen in essence. An Experimental Personal trooper developed from the Gespent MK-II T. It has had a large role in the series and a few variations. With its AB Field, Beam Coat, and powerful Ox Tongue Rifle it was a force to be reckoned with.


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Re: PTX-007-03C Weissritter (Gespenst Mark II Custom)

Post  RX-178 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:08 am


Mecha Name:PTX-007-03C Weissritter
Originating Series: Super robot wars

HP: 10200
EN: 170
Agi: 100
Move: 6

Split Missile:
Damage: 1300
Ammo: 12
Range: 2-4
Type: Missile

Beam Cannon:
Ammo: 10
Range: 1-3
Type: Beam 1

Plasma Slicer:
Damge: 1800
Energy: 10
Range: 1
Type: Melee

Oxtongue Rifle E:
Damage: 3400
Energy: 20
Range: 1-5
Type: Beam 2

Oxtongue Rifle B:
Damage:1300 (v-3)
Ammo: 18
Range: 1-5
Type: Projectile 2

Oxtongue Rifle D:
Range: 1-6
Type: Projectile 3
Barrier Piercing

Inherent Abilities:
1) Type: Personal Trooper
2) Countercut: Plasma Slicer
3) Countershoot: Beam Cannon, Oxtongue Rifle E, Oxtongue Rifle B
4) Beam Coat M: Pay 5 EN to reduce damage from a beam attack by 1500, down to a minimum of 0.

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