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Stage 3-B: Delivery Boys Empty Stage 3-B: Delivery Boys

Post  RX-178 on Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:39 pm

New Guinea Base, Lea, New Guinea
September 10, 2013 1510 hours

The Gespenst Type S slowly glided into the hangar of the Shirogane, weaving its way around the other machines in the bay as it did so. Once the PT was secured in its stall, Connor extended its hand up to the gantry to allow Theo to disembark. After safely shutting down her machine, the Commander jumped out of the cockpit as well, landing gracefully next to the ambassador’s daughter. Looking around, she noticed several of the ship’s pilots still in the bay, working over their equipment. Thinking that this would be an opportune time to secure the young girl’s trust in the crew, she spoke to Theo.

“Welcome aboard kid. You’re free to look around the ship as you desire, just stay out of any restricted areas. Given your mecha, you might want to try talking shop with some of the other pilots. Aside from that, just stay onboard and nothing else should happen ‘till we get to our destination.”

After a brief pause, Connor walked over to one of the consoles that lined the bay walls. Activating the PA system, she spoke to the pilots assembled in the hangar.

“Alright gentlemen, listen up! All pilots are to assemble in the briefing room at 1545 hours. Until then, your time is your own. Trethington and Wilkins, report to my office at once for special assignments. That is all.”

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Stage 3-B: Delivery Boys Empty Re: Stage 3-B: Delivery Boys

Post  lan4 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:23 am

Lack of oxygen? No problem. G's that could squish a human skull like a grape? Piece of cake. Turbulence and wind resistance that could shred human flesh clean off the bone? Not a problem. Air sickness on the other hand.......

The cyborg girl stumbled out of the Gespenst's hand clutching her stomach as is she were trying to keep her guts from spilling out all over the hangar floor. Still something that more or less resembling a smirk tugged at a corner of her mouth. Despite her current....condition, she didn't regret asking Connor to go easy on her during the flight over, the adrenline rush she got from that was more than worth the twisted state of her stomach. Well at least at the time it was.

Well I might as well introduce myself, no point in being impolite to these guys. In spite of still being pale in the face the Kurita girl put on her best smile as she faced the pilots and called out in an enthusastic and friendly voice, "Hi nice to meet you all. My name's Theodore Kurita ahhhhh you can just call me Theo though. Anyways It looks like I'll be crashin here for a while so please excuse me staying here if it causes you guys any problems." She finished her introduction with a nod of her head at the pilots, which for Kurita was the equivalent of a full on "bend at the waist" bow of respect.

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