Wing Gundam Kai, Zero Custom Use

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Wing Gundam Kai, Zero Custom Use

Post  Acruxis on Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:51 am

Mecha Name: Wing Gundam Kai [Katoki Version]
Originating Series: Gundam Wing
Custom Colors: None, However it is still called Zero Custom Use
Background: Found by Ichirou on a large crater after it landed on their 15 hectare land, It had been immediately piloted by Ichirou as if it was a long lost friend, Compatriot. However unlike Others, he didn't use it to rob banks or anything low of a rich person of his status. He practiced with it, even though he felt he does, He mastered it with the best of his ability using it even against the PMCs of his Father, that had some units of their own as well. However none could match the Gundam's Cannon Output. Hearing of the HRA's Announcement worldwide, Ichirou decided to take the Gundam to new heights. To the "New World".

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Re: Wing Gundam Kai, Zero Custom Use

Post  RX-178 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:57 pm


Mecha Name: XXXG-01W Wing Gundam (ver. Ka)
Originating Series: New Mobile Report Gundam Wing MSV

HP: 13800
EN: 180
Agi: 105
Move: 6

Damage: 500
Range: 1
Type: Melee

60mm Vulcan:
Damage: 500
Ammo: 20
Range: 1-2
Type: Projectile 1

Machine Cannon:
Damage: 1000
Ammo: 10
Range: 1-2
Type: Projectile 1

Beam Saber:
Damage: 1400
EN: 10
Range: 1
Type: Melee

Beam Saber Assault:
Damage: 2400
EN: 20
Range: 1-2
Type: Melee

Buster Rifle
Damage: 5000
Ammo: 6
Range: 1-5
Type: Beam 3
Barrier Pierce

Inherent Abilities:
1) Type: Mobile Suit (AC)
2) Shield
3) Countercut: Beam Saber
4) Countershoot: 60mm Vulcan, Machine Cannon
5) Bird Mode: Enable following effects: Agi = 95; Move = 8; Disable Shield; Disable all attacks except Buster Rifle

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